Google revolutionized the Internet 20 years ago. Faceter Fog does the same now to make video data meaningful.
Ken Huang, Chief Blockchain Expert at Huawei Technologies, VP
up to 20%
of commission in FACE tokens is burned from every camera connected to the Fog, creating permanent demand for FACE
is a recognition accuracy proven by independent testing

How does it work?

Video stream analysis requires immense computing power. We are building a decentralized network that implements fog computing, drastically reducing the price of our product to make it affordable for homeowners and business owners around the world.

Faceter Fog Client
Run your own node by installing it on your hardware

$ git clone

$ cd FaceterFogClient

$ docker-compose pull

& docker-compose up -d

System requirements
  • Intel Core i5-6xxxx CPU
  • 12+ GB RAM
  • NVidia 10xx Graphics Card with at least 4Gb RAM
  • Linux kernel 2.4.25+
  • 10+ Mb/s broadband ISP connection
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This product is licensed under the CC BY-NC-ND 3.0

Why Faceter Fog is important?

In next 3 years over 1 billion cameras will be installed across the globe, producing petabytes of video recordings daily. Faceter is designed to perform big data video analysis in realtime – extracting faces, objects and events resulting in the transformation of these meaningless recordings into meaningful assets.
What is Faceter?
  • Blockchain
    Faceter Fog uses all the opportunities of smart contracts to deliver flexible, transparent payment options and proof–of–recognition mechanisms to a Fog computing.
  • FACE Token
    FACE token is the “fuel” of a decentralized network enabling flexible, transparent, cross-border closed-loop settlement mechanism for all participants.
  • Fog computing
    Cryptocurrency miners will perform recognition calculations in a decentralized computing network with a higher income–earning opportunity.
  • Proven by tests
    The technology’s algorithm was proven by LFW and MegaFace test, which are the most trusted in the industry.
  • Facial recognition
    Greatly enhances the capabilities of video surveillance systems to detect potential threats or such events as a smiling customer, a focused employee, etc.
  • Data protection
    Faceter does not process the source video stream outside its trusted environment; only anonymized data is transferred to decentralized networks.*
* Video obfuscation capabilities are to be released in a final versions of Faceter Fog. Beta version requires a direct access to the archive. Learn more about data protection in our blog.
75billion dollars
CCTV potential market
Security cameras will be installed worldwide by 2019


Stage 0
Use your GPU to recognize faces from your own CCTV
Stage 1
Share your GPU power with community and get rewarded in FACE
Stage 2
Providing new opportunities with data obfuscation, automated order-books and reputation management
In progress
Providing new opportunities with data obfuscation, automated order-books and reputation management
In progress
FACE Token is a fuel of the Fog
FACE token is the core of the decentralized network as a flexible, transparent, cross-border settlement mechanism for all participants. Starting from the Stage 1 it becomes the cryptocoin for payments we get from customers who want to use Faceter Fog for video analysis. Work of participants in our decentralized network is paid by tokens as well.


  • Forum in Singapore
    As a centrally-located hub in South-East Asia, many local and nearby neighbors had the opportunity to visit the Forum. The region is well known for its cryptocurrency and Blockchain knowledge and are usually very well informed of the potential of the market.
  • Conferences in SF, London and Amsterdam
    The conferences and exhibitions in the first round will be arranged in three cities: San Francisco, London and Amsterdam, and in each of them you will have a chance to communicate with members of our team.
  • Conference in Moscow
    We visited the conference  —  CryptoSpace 2017 in Moscow and met a lot of interesting people. We discussed our plans with Miko Matsumura (Miko Matsumura) and had talks with many other brilliant people

Try now for free

You can try the system in action right now and for free, get a real events from your own source.


FACE tokens do not represent equity, shares, royalties or rights to capital, dividends, profit or income in the entity that issues tokens or any other entity in any jurisdiction. Faceter does not offer securities, shares, options or futures, or solicits any securities or assets for investment purposes.

Neither any information on Faceter websites, blogs, presentations and other publications, nor its whitepaper or terms and conditions are intended to be a financial services offering document or a prospectus.

You should be mindful of the potential high risks involved in the token sale. You must use your own judgment or consult a professional for advice on such matters.

The Faceter token sale involves and relates to the development and use of bleeding-edge and experimental technologies that may not turn out as expected or be brought to completion as specified in the whitepaper, on the Faceter websites or in other media.

The use of any data or information about Faceter products, services and the FACE token sale provided by Faceter in the whitepaper, on the Faceter websites or in other media, does not and cannot guarantee that you will make profits or will not incur losses. Such data and information is intended merely for informational purposes.